About Us

About Us

Customer Highlights


Breakaway Partners strives to provide the most accurate, most current information by updating formulary data on a daily basis.


Breakaway Partners provides source links and documentation for every data point displayed on the platform, allowing full transparency of how formulary and policy statuses are populated.


Breakaway Partners is just that – a partner. With constant communication and a responsive team of subject matter experts, Breakaway Partners ensures that all users feel supported every step of the way.

The Breakaway Partners Difference

Breaking away from the traditional market access sourcing model, the founding team developed new automation processes that significantly enhance the quality and accuracy of the data. The platform was created with the end user in mind, featuring interactive visuals and easy-to-use tools. The Breakaway Partners team consists of top industry leaders with decades of pharmaceutical healthcare expertise.

Data Platform and Solutions

One comprehensive tool for all of your market access needs.

Drug Coverage Analytics

Gather formulary coverage information for your market baskets by geography, insurance segment, and payers. Always updated daily.

Drug Coverage Promotion

Quick and easy creation of sell sheets for prescriber targeting & pull-through messaging.

Medical & Rx Policy

Identify the detailed breakouts of medical benefit, pharmacy benefit, and dual benefit patients for your market baskets.

Drug Utilization

Integrate 3rd party utilization data with our formulary, lives, and policy information to create consolidated reports on our platform.

Payer Landscape

View detailed payer profile reports by geography or insurance segment. This tool provides crucial information for profiling, targeting, and payer insight.

Additional Services

Learn how our team of experts prepare custom data feeds, bridge files, reoccurring reports, and guidance that helps your business succeed.