Data Platform and Solutions Drug Utilization

Drug Utilization

A comprehensive drug performance & market utilization platform


Detailed Rx Summaries

Breakdown TRx and NRx Views by pPayer, segment, geography, and market share.

Drug Performance Trending

Monitor overall Drug Performance with our consolidated drug volume and payer coverage visual graphs.

Bridge Files

Our regularly updated third-party bridge files enables teams to integrate third party data with our payer backbone.

Customer Benefits

Users can access the highest level of insights by combining our formulary and policy payer data with third party market share data. Our visual tools and detailed summaries enable teams to create business strategies that ensure patients are receiving the access they need.

  • Ability to easily compare drug coverage vs. drug performance by market share
  • Drill down to the national, state, CBVSA, county and zip level drug performance
  • Analyze areas to target for existing patient populations

Data Platform and Solutions

One comprehensive tool for all of your market access needs.

Get the most out of our Drug Utilization by pairing with all or some of our other solutions.

Drug Coverage Analytics

Gather formulary coverage information for your market baskets by geography, insurance segment, and payers. Always updated daily.

Drug Coverage Promotion

Quick and easy creation of sell sheets for prescriber targeting & pull-through messaging.

Medical & Rx Policy

Identify the detailed breakouts of medical benefit, pharmacy benefit, and dual benefit patients for your market baskets.

Drug Utilization

Integrate 3rd party utilization data with our formulary, lives, and policy information to create consolidated reports on our platform.